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Isaiah 33:11


You conceive straw, 1  you give birth to chaff; your breath is a fire that destroys you. 2 


Job 15:35; Ps 2:1; Ps 7:14; Ps 83:5-18; Isa 5:24; Isa 8:9,10; Isa 10:7-14; Isa 17:13; Isa 29:5-8; Isa 30:30-33; Isa 31:8,9; Isa 37:23-29; Isa 59:4; Na 1:5-10; Ac 5:4; Jas 1:15

NET © Notes

tn The second person verb and pronominal forms in this verse are plural. The hostile nations are the addressed, as the next verse makes clear.

sn The hostile nations’ plans to destroy God’s people will come to nothing; their hostility will end up being self-destructive.

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