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Isaiah 16:6


We have heard about Moab’s pride, their great arrogance, their boasting, pride, and excess. 1  But their boastful claims are empty! 2 


Isa 2:11; Isa 28:15,18; Isa 44:25; Jer 48:26,29,30,42; Jer 50:36; Am 2:1; Ob 1:3,4; Zep 2:9,10; 1Pe 5:5

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tn עֶבְרָה (’evrah) often means “anger, fury,” but here it appears to refer to boastful outbursts or excessive claims. See HALOT 782 s.v. עֶבְרָה.

tn Heb “not so his boasting.”

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