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Isaiah 10:34


The thickets of the forest will be chopped down with an ax, and mighty Lebanon will fall. 1 


Ps 103:20; Isa 10:18; Isa 31:8; Isa 37:24; Isa 37:36; Jer 22:7; Jer 46:22,23; Jer 48:2; Da 4:13,14,23; Na 1:12; Zec 11:1,2; 2Th 1:7; 2Pe 2:11; Re 10:1; Re 18:21

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tn The Hebrew text has, “and Lebanon, by/as [?] a mighty one, will fall.” The translation above takes the preposition בְּ (bet) prefixed to “mighty one” as indicating identity, “Lebanon, as a mighty one, will fall.” In this case “mighty one” describes Lebanon. (In Ezek 17:23 and Zech 11:2 the adjective is used of Lebanon’s cedars.) Another option is to take the preposition as indicating agency and interpret “mighty one” as a divine title (see Isa 33:21). One could then translate, “and Lebanon will fall by [the agency of] the Mighty One.”

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