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Hosea 7:8


Ephraim has mixed itself like flour 1  among the nations; Ephraim is like a ruined cake of bread that is scorched on one side. 2 


1Ki 18:21; Ezr 9:1,12; Ne 13:23-25; Ps 106:35; Eze 23:4-11; Ho 5:7,13; Ho 8:2-4; Ho 9:3; Zep 1:5; Mal 2:11; Mt 6:24; Re 3:15,16

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tn The words “like flour” are not in the Hebrew text, but are implied by the imagery.

tn Heb “a cake of bread not turned.” This metaphor compares Ephraim to a ruined cake of bread that was not turned over in time to avoid being scorched and burned (see BDB 728 s.v. עֻגָה). Cf. NLT “as worthless as a half-baked cake.”

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