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Hosea 13:11


I granted 1  you a king in my anger, and I will take him away in my wrath!


1Sa 8:7-9; 1Sa 10:19; 1Sa 12:13; 1Sa 15:22,23; 1Sa 16:1; 1Sa 31:1-7; 1Ki 12:15,16,26-32; 1Ki 14:7-16; 2Ki 17:1-4; Pr 28:2; Ho 10:3

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tn The prefix-conjugation verb אֶתֶּן (’eten, “I gave”) refers to past-time action, specifying a definite past event (the enthronement of Saul); therefore, this should be classified as a preterite. While imperfects are occasionally used in reference to past-time events, they depict repeated action in the past. See IBHS 502-4 §31.2 and 510-14 §31.6.

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