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Genesis 21:23


Now swear to me right here in God’s name 1  that you will not deceive me, my children, or my descendants. 2  Show me, and the land 3  where you are staying, 4  the same loyalty 5  that I have shown you.” 6 


Ge 14:22,23; Ge 20:14; Ge 24:3; Ge 26:28; Ge 31:44,53; De 6:13; Jos 2:12; 1Sa 20:13,17,42; 1Sa 24:21,22; 1Sa 30:15; Jer 4:2; 2Co 1:23; Heb 6:16

NET © Notes

tn Heb “And now swear to me by God here.”

tn Heb “my offspring and my descendants.”

tn The word “land” refers by metonymy to the people in the land.

tn The Hebrew verb means “to stay, to live, to sojourn” as a temporary resident without ownership rights.

tn Or “kindness.”

tn Heb “According to the loyalty which I have done with you, do with me and with the land in which you are staying.”

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