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Exodus 29:9


and wrap the sashes around Aaron and his sons 1  and put headbands on them, and so the ministry of priesthood will belong to them by a perpetual ordinance. Thus you are to consecrate 2  Aaron and his sons.


Ex 28:1; Ex 28:41; Ex 32:29; Le 8:22-28; Nu 16:10,35,40; Nu 18:7; Heb 5:4,5,10; Heb 7:11-14; Heb 7:23-28

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tc Hebrew has both the objective pronoun “them” and the names “Aaron and his sons.” Neither the LXX nor Leviticus 8:13 has “Aaron and his sons,” suggesting that this may have been a later gloss in the text.

tn Heb “and you will fill the hand” and so “consecrate” or “ordain.” The verb draws together the individual acts of the process.

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