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Esther 3:13


Letters were sent by the runners to all the king’s provinces stating that 1  they should destroy, kill, and annihilate all the Jews, from youth to elderly, both women and children, 2  on a particular day, namely the thirteenth day 3  of the twelfth month (that is, the month of Adar), and to loot and plunder their possessions.


1Sa 15:3; 1Sa 22:19; 2Ch 30:6; Es 8:10,14; Es 8:11; Es 8:12-14; Es 9:10; Job 9:25; Isa 10:6; Jer 51:31; Ro 3:15; Jas 2:13

NET © Notes

tn The words “stating that” are not in the Hebrew text but have been supplied in the translation for clarity.

tn Heb “children and women.” The translation follows contemporary English idiom, which reverses the order.

tc The LXX does not include the words “on the thirteenth day.”

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