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Deuteronomy 20:2


As you move forward for battle, the priest 1  will approach and say to the soldiers, 2 


Nu 10:8,9; Nu 31:6; Jud 20:27,28; 1Sa 14:18; 1Sa 30:7,8; 2Ch 13:12

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sn The reference to the priest suggests also the presence of the ark of the covenant, the visible sign of God’s presence. The whole setting is clearly that of “holy war” or “Yahweh war,” in which God himself takes initiative as the true commander of the forces of Israel (cf. Exod 14:14-18; 15:3-10; Deut 3:22; 7:18-24; 31:6, 8).

tn Heb “and he will say to the people.” Cf. NIV, NCV, CEV “the army”; NRSV, NLT “the troops.”

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