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Daniel 3:25


He answered, “But I see four men, untied and walking around in the midst of the fire! No harm has come to them! And the appearance of the fourth is like that of a god!” 1 


Job 1:6; Job 38:7; Ps 34:7; Ps 91:3-9; Pr 30:4; Isa 43:2; Da 3:18,28; Mr 16:18; Lu 1:35; Joh 19:7,8; Ac 28:5; Ro 1:4; 1Pe 3:13

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sn The phrase like that of a god is in Aramaic “like that of a son of the gods.” Many patristic writers understood this phrase in a christological sense (i.e., “the Son of God”). But it should be remembered that these are words spoken by a pagan who is seeking to explain things from his own polytheistic frame of reference; for him the phrase “like a son of the gods” is equivalent to “like a divine being.”

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