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Amos 6:6


They drink wine from sacrificial bowls, 1  and pour the very best oils on themselves. 2  Yet they are not concerned over 3  the ruin 4  of Joseph.


Ge 37:25-28; Ge 42:21,22; Ge 49:22; 2Ki 15:29; 2Ki 17:3-6; Es 3:15; Jer 30:7; Ho 3:1; Mt 26:7-9; Joh 12:3; Ro 12:15; 1Co 12:26; 1Ti 5:23

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sn Perhaps some religious rite is in view, or the size of the bowls is emphasized (i.e., bowls as large as sacrificial bowls).

tn Heb “with the best of oils they anoint [themselves].”

tn Or “not sickened by.”

sn The ruin of Joseph may refer to the societal disintegration in Israel, or to the effects of the impending judgment.

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