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Acts 9:3


As he was going along, approaching 1  Damascus, suddenly a light from heaven flashed 2  around him.


Ps 104:2; Ac 9:17; Ac 22:6; Ac 26:12,13; 1Co 15:8; 1Ti 6:16; Re 21:23; Re 22:5

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tn Grk “As he was going along, it happened that when he was approaching.” The phrase ἐγένετο (egeneto, “it happened that”), common in Luke (69 times) and Acts (54 times), is redundant in contemporary English and has not been translated.

tn Or “shone” (BDAG 799 s.v. περιαστράπτω). The light was more brilliant than the sun according to Acts 26:13.

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