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Acts 28:15


The brothers from there, 1  when they heard about us, came as far as the Forum of Appius 2  and Three Taverns 3  to meet us. When he saw them, 4  Paul thanked God and took courage.


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NET © Notes

sn Mention of Christian brothers from there (Rome) shows that God’s message had already spread as far as Italy and the capital of the empire.

sn The Forum of Appius was a small traveler’s stop on the Appian Way about 43 mi (71 km) south of Rome (BDAG 125 s.v. ᾿Αππίου φόρον). It was described by Horace as “crammed with boatmen and stingy tavernkeepers” (Satires 1.5.3).

sn Three Taverns was a stop on the Appian Way 33 mi (55 km) south of Rome.

tn Grk “whom, when he saw [them], Paul.” Because of the length and complexity of the Greek sentence, the relative pronoun (“whom”) was replaced by the personal pronoun (“them”) and a new sentence begun here in the translation.

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