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Acts 17:7


and 1  Jason has welcomed them as guests! They 2  are all acting against Caesar’s 3  decrees, saying there is another king named 4  Jesus!” 5 


Ezr 4:12-15; Da 3:12; Da 6:13; Lu 23:2; Joh 19:12; Ac 16:21; Ac 25:8-11; 1Pe 2:15

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tn Grk “whom.” Because of the awkwardness in English of having two relative clauses follow one another (“who have stirred up trouble…whom Jason has welcomed”) the relative pronoun here (“whom”) has been replaced by the conjunction “and,” creating a clause that is grammatically coordinate but logically subordinate in the translation.

tn Grk “and they.” Because of the length of the Greek sentence, the conjunction καί (kai) has not been translated here. Instead a new English sentence is begun.

tn Or “the emperor’s” (“Caesar” is a title for the Roman emperor).

tn The word “named” is not in the Greek text, but is supplied for clarity.

sn Acting…saying…Jesus. The charges are serious, involving sedition (Luke 23:2). If the political charges were true, Rome would have to react.

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