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Acts 17:1


After they traveled through 1  Amphipolis 2  and Apollonia, 3  they came to Thessalonica, 4  where there was a Jewish synagogue. 5 


Ac 14:1; Ac 15:21; Ac 16:13; Ac 20:4; Ac 27:2; Php 4:16; 1Th 1:1; 2Th 1:1; 2Ti 4:10

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tn BDAG 250 s.v. διοδεύω 1 has “go, travel through” for this verse.

sn Amphipolis. The capital city of the southeastern district of Macedonia (BDAG 55 s.v. ᾿Αμφίπολις). It was a military post. From Philippi this was about 33 mi (53 km).

sn Apollonia was a city in Macedonia about 27 mi (43 km) west southwest of Amphipolis.

sn Thessalonica (modern Salonica) was a city in Macedonia about 33 mi (53 km) west of Apollonia. It was the capital of Macedonia. The road they traveled over was called the Via Egnatia. It is likely they rode horses, given their condition in Philippi. The implication of v. 1 is that the two previously mentioned cities lacked a synagogue.

map For location see JP1 C1; JP2 C1; JP3 C1; JP4 C1.

sn See the note on synagogue in 6:9.

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