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Acts 13:35


Therefore he also says in another psalm, 1 You will not permit your Holy One 2  to experience 3  decay.’ 4 


Ps 16:10; Ps 49:9; Ps 89:48; Lu 2:26; Joh 3:36; Joh 8:51; Ac 2:27-31; Ac 13:36,37; Heb 11:5

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tn Grk “Therefore he also says in another”; the word “psalm” is not in the Greek text but is implied.

tn The Greek word translated “Holy One” here (ὅσιόν, {osion) is related to the use of ὅσια (Josia) in v. 34. The link is a wordplay. The Holy One, who does not die, brings the faithful holy blessings of promise to the people.

tn Grk “to see,” but the literal translation of the phrase “to see decay” could be misunderstood to mean simply “to look at decay,” while here “see decay” is really figurative for “experience decay.”

sn A quotation from Ps 16:10.

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