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3 John 1:14


But I hope to see you right away, and we will speak face to face. 1  (1:15) Peace be with you. 2  The friends here 3  greet you. Greet the friends 4  there 5  by name.


Ge 43:23; Da 4:1; Ro 16:1-16; Ro 16:10,11; Ga 5:16; Eph 6:23; 1Pe 5:14

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tn Grk “speak mouth to mouth,” an idiom for which the contemporary English equivalent is “speak face to face.”

tn Grk “peace to you.”

tn The word “here” is not in the Greek text but is implied.

sn It is possible that the designation friends (φίλοι, filoi) indicates that these are personal friends of Gaius who send their greetings, but if this is the case it is somewhat surprising that their names are not mentioned, especially when the author instructs Gaius, Greet the friends there by name. More likely this is an alternative to “brothers” (ἀδελφοί, adelfoi) as an early Christian self-designation, especially within the Johannine community. It may have arisen in the Johannine community from Jesus’ teaching in John 15:13-15, “you are my friends if you do what I command you.”

tn The word “there” is not in the Greek text but is implied.

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