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2 Kings 19:31


For a remnant will leave Jerusalem; survivors will come out of Mount Zion. The intense devotion of the sovereign Lord 1  to his people 2  will accomplish this.


2Ki 19:4; Isa 9:7; Isa 59:17; Isa 63:15; Jer 44:14; Eze 5:13; Eze 20:9; Zec 1:14; Joh 2:17; Ro 9:27; Ro 11:5

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tn Traditionally “the Lord of hosts.”

tn Heb “the zeal of the Lord.” In this context the Lord’s “zeal” refers to his intense devotion to and love for his people which prompts him to protect and restore them. The Qere, along with many medieval Hebrew mss and the ancient versions, has “the zeal of the LORD of hosts” rather than “the zeal of the LORD” (Kethib). The translation follows the Qere here.

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