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2 Kings 15:12


His assassination brought to fulfillment the Lord’s word to Jehu, 1  “Four generations of your descendants will rule over Israel.” 2  That is exactly what happened. 3 


Nu 23:19; 2Ki 9:25,26,36,37; 2Ki 10:10; 2Ki 10:30; 2Ki 13:1,10,13; 2Ki 14:29; Zec 1:6; Mr 13:31; Joh 10:35; Joh 19:24,36,37; Ac 1:16

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tn Heb “It was the word of the Lord which he spoke to Jehu, saying.”

tn “sons of four generations will sit for you on the throne of Israel.”

sn See the note at 2 Kgs 10:30.

tn Heb “and it was so.”

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