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1 Thessalonians 1:7


As a result you became an example 1  to all the believers in Macedonia and in Achaia.


Ac 1:13; Ac 16:12; Ac 18:1; 2Co 1:1; 2Co 9:2; 2Co 11:9,10; 1Th 1:8; 1Th 4:10; 1Ti 4:12; Tit 2:7; 1Pe 5:3

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tc Most mss (א A C D2 F G Ψ 0278 Ï) have the plural τύπους (tupou", “examples”) here, while a few important witnesses have the singular τύπον (tupon, “example”; B D*,c 6 33 81 104 1739 1881 pc lat). With ὑμᾶς (Jumas, “you”) immediately preceding, the plural form looks motivated: Scribes would be expected to change the singular to the plural here. Although the external evidence for the singular reading is not overwhelming, the internal evidence for it is compelling.

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