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1 Kings 15:12


He removed the male cultic prostitutes from the land and got rid of all the disgusting idols 1  his ancestors 2  had made.


1Ki 11:7,8; 1Ki 14:23; 1Ki 14:24; 1Ki 15:3; 1Ki 22:46; 2Ch 14:2-5; Eze 20:18,19; Zec 1:2-6; Ro 1:26,27; 1Pe 1:18; Jude 1:7

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tn The word used here, גִלּוּלִים [gillulim], is always used as a disdainful reference to idols. It is generally thought to have originally referred to “dung pellets” (cf. KBL 183 s.v. גִלּוּלִים). It is only one of several terms used in this way, such as “worthless things” (אֱלִילִים, ’elilim), “vanities” or “empty winds” (הֲבָלִים, havalim).

tn Heb “fathers” (also in v. 24).

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