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1 Kings 13:3


That day he also announced 1  a sign, “This is the sign the Lord has predetermined: 2  The altar will be split open and the ashes 3  on it will fall to the ground.” 4 


Ex 4:3-5,8,9; Ex 7:10; De 13:1-3; 1Sa 2:34; 2Ki 20:8; Isa 7:11-14; Isa 38:6-8,22; Jer 44:29; Mt 12:38-40; Joh 2:18; 1Co 1:22

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tn Heb “gave.”

tn Heb “spoken.”

tn Heb “the fat.” Reference is made to burnt wood mixed with fat. See HALOT 234 s.v. דשׁן.

tn Heb “will be poured out.”

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