boao <994>

boaw boao

Origin:apparently a prol. form of a primary word
Reference:TDNT - 1:625,108
In Greek:bohson 1, bownta 1, bowntev 2, bowntov 4, bowntwn 1, ebohsen 4
In NET:of one shouting 2, cried out 2, shouting 2, cry out 1, he called out 1, crying 1, one shouting 1, shouted 1, shout 1, screaming 1
In AV:cry 11
Definition:1) to raise a cry, of joy pain etc.
2) to cry, speak with a high, strong voice
3) to cry to one for help, to implore his aid

Synonym : See Definition 5823
apparently a prolonged form of a primary verb; to halloo, i.e. shout
(for help or in a tumultuous way):-cry.

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