artos <740>

artov artos

Origin:from 142
Reference:TDNT - 1:477,80
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:artoi 4, artoiv 1, arton 38, artou 5, artouv 30, artov 10, artw 2, artwn 6, artwn] 1
In NET:bread 66, loaves 20, food 3, loaves of bread 2, loaf 1, dine 1, eat 1, feast 1
In AV:bread 72, loaf 23, shewbread + 4286 + 3588 4
Definition:1) food composed of flour mixed with water and baked
1a) the Israelites made it in the form of an oblong or round
cake, as thick as one's thumb, and as large as a plate or
platter hence it was not to be cut but broken
1b) loaves were consecrated to the Lord
1c) of the bread used at the love-feasts and at the Lord's Table
2) food of any kind
from 142; bread (as raised) or a loaf:-(shew-)bread, loaf.
see GREEK for 142

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