apotheomai <683>

apwyeomai apotheomai or apwyomai apothomai

Pronunciation:ap-o-theh'-om-ahee ap-o'-thom-ahee
Origin:from 575 and the middle voice of otheo or otho (to shove)
Reference:TDNT - 1:448,*
In Greek:apwsamenoi 1, apwsanto 1, apwsato 3, apwyeisye 1
In NET:pushed aside 2, has not rejected 1, have rejected 1, you reject 1, rejected 1
In AV:cast away 2, thrust away 1, put from 1, thrust from 1, put away 1
Definition:1) to thrust away, push away, repel
2) to thrust away from one's self, to drive away from one's self
2a) repudiate, reject, refuse
from 575 and the middle voice of otheo or otho (to shove); to push
off, figuratively, to reject:-cast away, put away (from), thrust away
see GREEK for 575

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