apostrepho <654>

apostrefw apostrepho

Origin:from 575 and 4762
Reference:TDNT - 7:719,1093
In Greek:apestrafhsan 1, apostrafhv 1, apostrefein 1, apostrefomenoi 1, apostrefomenwn 1, apostrefonta 1, apostreqei 1, apostreqon 1, apostreqousin 1
In NET:reject 2, he will remove 1, Put back 1, deserted 1, they will turn away 1, who reject 1, turning 1, who was misleading 1
In AV:turn away 4, turn away from 2, put up again 1, turn from 1, bring again 1, pervert 1
Definition:1) to turn away
1a) to remove anything from anyone
1b) to turn him away from allegiance to any one
1c) tempt to defect
2) to turn back, return, bring back
2a) of putting a sword back in its sheath
2b) of Judas returning money to temple
3) to turn one's self away, turn back, return
4) to turn one's self away from, deserting
from 575 and 4762; to turn away or back (literally or
figuratively):-bring again, pervert, turn away (from).
see GREEK for 575
see GREEK for 4762

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