o <5600>

w o including the oblique forms, as well as hv es

Pronunciation:o ace, \~h\~ e ay, etc.
Origin:the subjunctive of 1510
In Greek:
In AV:be 22, may be 22, should be 6, is 5, might be 2, were 1, not tr 4, misc 4
Definition:1) be, may be, etc.
the subjunctive of 1510; (may, might, can, could, would, should, must,
etc.; also with 1487 and its comparative, as well as with other
particles) be:-+ appear, are, (may, might, should) be, X have, is, +
pass the flower of her age, should stand, were.
see GREEK for 1510
see GREEK for 1487

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