hudor <5204>

udwr hudor genitive case udatov hudatos

Pronunciation:hoo'-dore hoo'-dat-os, etc.
Origin:from the base of 5205
Reference:TDNT - 8:314,1203
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:udasin 1, udata 5, udati 13, udatov 22, udatwn 12, udwr 24
In NET:water 55, waters 9, of water 5, with water 5, in water 1, raging waves 1
In AV:water 79
Definition:1) water
1a) of water in rivers, in fountains, in pools
1b) of the water of the deluge
1c) of water in any of the earth's repositories
1d) of water as the primary element, out of and through which the
world that was before the deluge, arose and was compacted
1e) of the waves of the sea
1f) fig. used of many peoples
from the base of 5205; water (as if rainy) literally or
see GREEK for 5205

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