trapeza <5132>

trapeza trapeza

Origin:probably contracted from 5064 and 3979
Reference:TDNT - 8:209,1187
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:trapeza 2, trapezaiv 1, trapezan 2, trapezav 3, trapezhv 7
In NET:table 9, tables 3, bank 1, on tables 1, food 1
In AV:table 13, bank 1, meat 1
Definition:1) a table
1a) a table on which food is placed, an eating place
1a1) the table in the temple at Jerusalem on which the
consecrated loaves were placed
1b) equiv. to the food placed upon the table
1b1) to set a table
1b2) put food before one
1c) a banquet, feast
2) the table or stand of a money changer, where he sits, exchanging
different kinds of money for a fee (agio), and paying back with
interest loans or deposits
probably contracted from 5064 and 3979; a table or stool (as being
four-legged), usually for food (figuratively, a meal); also a counter
for money (figuratively, a broker's office for loans at
interest):-bank, meat, table.
see GREEK for 5064
see GREEK for 3979

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