ano <507>

anw ano

Origin:from 473
Reference:TDNT - 1:376,63
In Greek:anw 9
In NET:above 5, upward 2, top 1, springing up 1
In AV:above 5, up 2, high 1, brim 1
Definition:1) up, upwards, above, on high
2) of the quarters of the heaven, northward
3) of countries, inland, up from the coast
4) of time, formerly
In Ga 4:26 the word could refer to either place or time,
(i.e. place - the Jerusalem which is above - in the heavens, or
time - the eternal Jerusalem which preceded the earthly one)
adverb from 473; upward or on the top:-above, brim, high, up.
see GREEK for 473

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