teleutao <5053>

teleutaw teleutao

Origin:from a presumed derivative of 5055
In Greek:eteleuthsen 4, teleuta 1, teleutan 1, teleutatw 2, teleuthsantov 1, teleutwn 1, teteleuthkotov 1
In NET:died 2, must be put 2, dies 1, deceased 1, end of life 1, had died 1, he died 1, has died 1, point of death 1
In AV:die 8, be dead 3, decrease 1
Definition:1) to finish, bring to and end, close
2) to have an end or close, come to an end
from a presumed derivative of 5055; to finish life (by implication, of
979), i.e. expire (demise):-be dead, decease, die.
see GREEK for 5055
see GREEK for 979

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