schizo <4977>

scizw schizo

Origin:apparently a primary verb
Reference:TDNT - 7:959,1130
In Greek:escisyh 6, escisyhsan 1, scisav 1, scisei 1, sciswmen 1, scizomenouv 1
In NET:was torn 4, was divided 2, Let's tear 1, he will have torn 1, tears 1, were split apart 1, splitting apart 1
In AV:rend 5, divide 2, open 1, break 1, make a rent 1
Definition:1) to cleave, cleave asunder, rend
2) to divide by rending
3) to split into factions, be divided
apparently a primary verb; to split or sever (literally or
figuratively):-break, divide, open, rend, make a rent.

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