sphazo <4969>

sfazw sphazo

Origin:a primary verb
Reference:TDNT - 7:925,1125
In Greek:esfaghv 1, esfagmenhn 1, esfagmenon 2, esfagmenou 1, esfagmenwn 2, esfaxen 2, sfaxousin 1
In NET:was killed 2, to have been killed 2, did he murder 1, brutally murdered 1, had been killed 1, had been violently killed 1, you were killed 1, would butcher 1
In AV:slay 8, kill 1, wound 1
Definition:1) to slay, slaughter, butcher
2) to put to death by violence
3) mortally wounded
a primary verb; to butcher (especially an animal for food or in
sacrifice) or (generally) to slaughter, or (specially), to maim
(violently):-kill, slay, wound.

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