suneudokeo <4909>

suneudokew suneudokeo

Origin:from 4862 and 2106
In Greek:suneudokei 2, suneudokeite 1, suneudokousin 1, suneudokwn 2
In NET:is happy 2, agreed completely 1, approve 1, approving 1, you approve 1
In AV:consent unto 2, be pleased 2, allow 1, have pleasure in 1
Definition:1) to be pleased together with, to approve together (with others)
2) to be pleased at the same time with, consent, agree to
2a) to applaud
from 4862 and 2106; to think well of in common, i.e. assent to, feel
gratified with:-allow, assent, be pleased, have pleasure.
see GREEK for 4862
see GREEK for 2106

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