eudokeo <2106>

eudokew eudokeo

Origin:from 2095 and 1380
Reference:TDNT - 2:738,273
In Greek:eudokei 1, eudokhsa 5, eudokhsamen 1, eudokhsan 2, eudokhsantev 1, eudokhsav 2, eudokhsen 6, eudokoumen 2, eudokw 1
In NET:was pleased 4, I take great delight 4, have delighted 1, did you take delight 1, are pleased 1, am delighted 1, I am content 1, is well pleased 1, take great delight 1, we were happy 1, would prefer 1, we decided 1, they were pleased 1, take pleasure 1, you took delight in 1
In AV:be well pleased 7, please 5, have pleasure 4, be willing 2, be (one's) good pleasure 1, take pleasure 1, think good 1
Definition:1) it seems good to one, is one's good pleasure
1a) think it good, choose, determine, decide
1b) to do willingly
1c) to be ready to, to prefer, choose rather
2) to be well pleased with, take pleasure in, to be favourably
inclined towards one
from 2095 and 1380; to think well of, i.e. approve (an act);
specially, to approbate (a person or thing):-think good, (be well)
please(-d), be the good (have, take) pleasure, be willing.
see GREEK for 2095
see GREEK for 1380

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