suneido <4894>

suneidw suneido

Origin:from 4862 and 1492
Reference:TDNT - 7:898,*
In Greek:suneiduihv 1, sunidontev 1, sunidwn 1, sunoida 1
In NET:I am aware 1, knowledge 1, learned 1, realized 1
In AV:by privy 1, consider 1, be ware of 1, know 1
Definition:1) to see (have seen) together with others
2) to see (have seen) in one's mind with one's self
2a) to understand, perceive, comprehend,
3) to know with another
4) to know in one's mind or with one's self, to be conscience of
from 4862 and 1492; to see completely; used (like its primary) only in
two past tenses, respectively meaning to understand or become aware,
and to be conscious or (clandestinely) informed of:-consider, know,
be privy, be ware of.
see GREEK for 4862
see GREEK for 1492

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