stigma <4742>

stigma stigma

Origin:from a primary stizo (to "stick", i.e. prick)
Reference:TDNT - 7:657,1086
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:stigmata 1
In NET:marks 1
In AV:mark 1
Definition:1) a mark pricked in or branded upon the body. To ancient oriental
usage, slaves and soldiers bore the name or the stamp of their
master or commander branded or pricked (cut) into their bodies to
indicate what master or general they belonged to, and there were
even some devotee's who stamped themselves in this way with the
token of their gods
from a primary stizo (to "stick", i.e. prick); a mark incised or
punched (for recognition of ownership), i.e. (figuratively) scar of

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