skorpizo <4650>

skorpizw skorpizo

Origin:apparently from the same as 4651 (through the idea of penetrating)
Reference:TDNT - 7:418,1048
In Greek:eskorpisen 1, skorpisyhte 1, skorpizei 3
In NET:scatters 3, He has scattered 1, you will be scattered 1
In AV:scatter 3, scatter abroad 1, disperse abroad 1
Definition:1) to scatter
1a) of those who, routed or terror stricken or driven by some other
impulses, fly in every direction
1b) to scatter abroad (what others may collect for themselves), or
one dispensing blessings liberally
apparently from the same as 4651 (through the idea of penetrating); to
dissipate, i.e. (figuratively) put to flight, waste, be
liberal:-disperse abroad, scatter (abroad).
see GREEK for 4651

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