diaskorpizo <1287>

diaskorpizw diaskorpizo

Origin:from 1223 and 4650
Reference:TDNT - 7:418,1048
In Greek:diaskorpisyhsontai 2, diaskorpizwn 1, dieskorpisa 1, dieskorpisav 1, dieskorpisen 2, dieskorpismena 1, dieskorpisyhsan 1
In NET:will be scattered 2, are scattered 1, I scatter 1, he has scattered 1, was wasting 1, were scattered 1, you did scatter seed 1, he squandered 1
In AV:straw 2, scatter abroad 2, scatter 2, waste 2, disperse 1
Definition:1) to scatter abroad, disperse, to winnow
1a) to throw the grain a considerable distance, or up into the air,
that it may be separated from the chaff
1b) to gather the wheat, freed from the chaff into the granary
1c) to winnow grain
from 1223 and 4650; to dissipate, i.e. (genitive case) to rout or
separate; specially, to winnow; figuratively, to squander:-disperse,
scatter (abroad), strew, waste.
see GREEK for 1223
see GREEK for 4650

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