sbennumi <4570>

sbennumi sbennumi

Origin:a prolonged form of an apparently primary verb
Reference:TDNT - 7:165,1009
In Greek:esbesan 1, sbennuntai 1, sbennutai 1, sbennute 1, sbesai 1, sbesei 1
In NET:extinguish 2, Do extinguish 1, are going out 1, quenched 1, is quenched 1
In AV:quench 7, go out 1
Definition:1) to extinguish, quench
1a) of fire or things on fire
1a1) to be quenched, to go out
1b) metaph. to quench, to suppress, stifle
1b1) of divine influence
a prolonged form of an apparently primary verb; to extinguish
(literally or figuratively):-go out, quench.

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