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sarx sarx

Origin:probably from the base of 4563
Reference:TDNT - 7:98,1000
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:sarka 37, sarkav 7, sarki 39, sarkov 37, sarkwn 1, sarx 26
In NET:flesh 80, body 11, fleshly 5, human 4, human standards 4, earthly 3, people 2, natural descent 2, humanity 2, a physical 1, a human point of view 1, human being 1, Flesh 1, external matters 1, earth 1, human beings 1, external 1, by human effort 1, human point of view 1, physical body 1, physical 1, physical condition 1, ritual 1, sake 1, outward appearances 1, one 1, unnatural desire 1, human nature 1, humanly speaking 1, mere human 1, of physical 1, human credentials 1
In AV:flesh 147, carnal 2, carnally minded + 5427 1, fleshly 1
Definition:1) flesh (the soft substance of the living body, which covers
the bones and is permeated with blood) of both man and beasts
2) the body
2a) the body of a man
2b) used of natural or physical origin, generation or
2b1) born of natural generation
2c) the sensuous nature of man, "the animal nature"
2c1) without any suggestion of depravity
2c2) the animal nature with cravings which incite to sin
2c3) the physical nature of man as subject to suffering
3) a living creature (because possessed of a body of flesh)
whether man or beast
4) the flesh, denotes mere human nature, the earthly nature of man apart
from divine influence, and therefore prone to sin and opposed to God
probably from the base of 4563; flesh (as stripped of the skin), i.e.
(strictly) the meat of an animal (as food), or (by extension) the body
(as opposed to the soul (or spirit), or as the symbol of what is
external, or as the means of kindred), or (by implication) human
nature (with its frailties (physically or morally) and passions), or
(specially), a human being (as such):-carnal(-ly, + -ly minded),
see GREEK for 4563

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