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NETBible: Strong -- 4531

saleuo <4531>

saleuw saleuo

Origin:from 4535
Reference:TDNT - 7:65,996
In Greek:esaleusen 1, esaleuyh 1, saleuomena 1, saleuomenon 2, saleuomenwn 1, saleuontev 1, saleusai 1, saleuyhnai 2, saleuyhsontai 3, saleuyw 1, sesaleumenon 1
In NET:will be shaken 3, shaken 3, is shaken 1, inciting 1, I will be shaken 1, is unshaken 1, shake 1, to be shaken 1, shook 1, were shaken 1, was shaken 1
In AV:shake 10, move 1, shake together 1, that are shaken 1, which cannot be shaken + 3361 1, stir up 1
Definition:1) a motion produced by winds, storms, waves, etc
1a) to agitate or shake
1b) to cause to totter
1c) to shake thoroughly, of a measure filled by shaking its
contents together
2) to shake down, overthrow
2a) to cast down from one's (secure and happy) state
2b) to move, agitate the mind, to disturb one
from 4535; to waver, i.e. agitate, rock, topple or (by implication)
destroy; figuratively, to disturb, incite:-move, shake (together),
which can(-not) be shaken, stir up.
see GREEK for 4535

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