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pwv pos

Origin:adverb from the base of 4226, an interrogative particle of manner
In Greek:pwv 104, [pwv] 1
In NET:how 50, How 34, how can 4, what 2, somehow 2, a way 1, To what 1, How can 1, how much 1, about how 1, carefully 1, how could 1, why 1, some way 1, how is it 1
In AV:how 99, by what means 2, after what manner 1, that 1
Definition:1) how, in what way
adverb from the base of 4226; an interrogative particle of manner; in
what way? (sometimes the question is indirect, how?); also as
exclamation, how much!:-how, after (by) what manner (means), that.
(Occasionally unexpressed in English).
see GREEK for 4226

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