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pwv -pos

Origin:adverb from the base of 4225, an enclitic particle of indefiniteness of manner
In Greek:pwv 11
In NET:somehow 3, perhaps 1, so that 1, to make sure 1
In AV:be any means 6, by some means 1, perhaps 1, haply 1, not tr 5
Definition:1) by any means, at all, perhaps
adverb from the base of 4225; an enclitic particle of indefiniteness
of manner; somehow or anyhow; used only in composition:-haply, by any
(some) means, perhaps. See 1513, 3381. Compare 4459.
see GREEK for 4225
see GREEK for 4459
see GREEK for 1513
see GREEK for 3381

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