proskopto <4350>

proskoptw proskopto

Origin:from 4314 and 2875
Reference:TDNT - 6:745,946
In Greek:prosekoqan 2, proskoptei 3, proskoptousin 1, proskoqhv 2
In NET:you will strike 2, They stumble 1, They stumbled over 1, he stumbles 1, to stumble 1, he does stumble 1
In AV:stumble 3, stumble at 2, dash 2, beat upon 1
Definition:1) to strike against
1a) of those who strike against a stone or other obstacle
in the path, to stumble
1b) to strike one's foot against a stone
1b1) i.e. to meet with some harm;
1c) to rush upon, beat against
1d) to be made to stumble by a thing
1d1) i.e. metaph. to be induced to sin
from 4314 and 2875; to strike at, i.e. surge against (as water);
specially, to stub on, i.e. trip up (literally or figuratively):-beat
upon, dash, stumble (at).
see GREEK for 4314
see GREEK for 2875

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