kopto <2875>

koptw kopto

Origin:a root word
Reference:TDNT - 3:830,453
In Greek:ekopton 1, ekoptonto 2, ekoqasye 1, koqantev 1, koqontai 3
In NET:will mourn 2, had cut 1, cut 1, mourning 1, wail 1, wailing 1, you did weep 1
In AV:bewail 2, lament 2, cut down 2, wail 1, mourn 1
Definition:1) to cut, strike, smite
2) to cut from, cut off
3) to beat one's breast for grief

Synonym : See Definition 5932
a primary verb; to "chop"; specially, to beat the breast in
grief:-cut down, lament, mourn, (be-)wail. Compare the base of 5114.
see GREEK for 5114

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