peripsema <4067>

periqhma peripsema

Origin:from a comparative of 4012 and psao (to rub)
Reference:TDNT - 6:84,*
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:periqhma 1
In NET:scum 1
In AV:offscouring 1
Definition:1) what is wiped off
2) dirt rubbed off
3) off scouring, scrapings

The Athenians, in order to avert public calamities, yearly threw a
criminal into the sea as an offering to Poseidon; hence the term
became used for an expiatory offering, a ransom, for our child, i.e.
in comparison with the saving of our son's life let it be to us a
despicable and worthless thing. It is used of a man who in behalf of
religion undergoes dire trials for the salvation of others.
from a comparative of 4012 and psao (to rub); something brushed all
around, i.e. off-scrapings (figuratively, scum):-offscouring.
see GREEK for 4012

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