parabasis <3847>

parabasiv parabasis

Origin:from 3845
Reference:TDNT - 5:739,772
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:parabasei 1, parabasewn 2, parabasewv 2, parabasiv 2
In NET:transgression 2, transgressing 1, transgressed 1, transgressions 1, violation 1, violations committed 1
In AV:transgression 6, breaking 1
Definition:1) a going over
2) metaph. a disregarding, violating
2a) of the Mosaic law
2b) the breach of a definite, promulgated, ratified law
2c) to create transgressions, i.e. that sins might take on the
character of transgressions, and thereby the consciousness
of sin be intensified and the desire for redemption be aroused

Synonym : See Definition 5879
from 3845; violation:-breaking, transgression.
see GREEK for 3845

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