parabaino <3845>

parabainw parabaino

Origin:from 3844 and the base of 939
Reference:TDNT - 5:736,772
In Greek:parabainete 1, parabainousin 1, parebh 1
In NET:do disobey 2, turned aside 1
In AV:transgression 3, fall by transgression 1
Definition:1) to go by the side of
2) to go past or pass over without touching a thing
3) to overstep, neglect, violate, transgress
4) so to go past as to turn aside from
4a) to depart, leave, be turned from
5) one who abandons his trust
from 3844 and the base of 939; to go contrary to, i.e. violate a
command:-(by) transgress(-ion).
see GREEK for 3844
see GREEK for 939

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