opsonion <3800>

oqwnion opsonion

Origin:from a presumed derivative of the same as 3795
Reference:TDNT - 5:591,752
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:oqwnia 1, oqwnioiv 2, oqwnion 1
In NET:expense 1, pay 1, payoff 1, support 1
In AV:wage 3, charges 1
Definition:1) a soldier's pay, allowance
1a) that part of the soldier's support given in place of pay [i.e.
rations] and the money in which he is paid
2) metaph. wages: hire or pay of sin
neuter of a presumed derivative of the same as 3795; rations for a
soldier, i.e. (by extension) his stipend or pay:- wages.
see GREEK for 3795

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